You learned the rules of Italian grammar and a basic vocabulary, but do you need to improve your ability to communicate in Italian?

We’ve come up with the perfect solution for you. Our individual conversation course is the most effective way to exercise your oral comprehension and expression skills, broaden your vocabulary and refine your pronunciation.

With constant practice and a dedicated teacher, your improvements in your Italian verbal communication will be constant, until you understand all the nuances of conversations.

The conversation course offers an individual path with the teacher: if you want to speak with other students, you can supplement the conversation course with one of our group courses.

Who the individual conversation course in Italian is intended for

  • The individual conversation course is the ideal solution if you already have a basic knowledge of Italian grammar (corresponding at least to A2 level) and you want to quickly improve your ability to express yourself and interact with people, at work and in your daily life.
  • The course is perfect if you are passionate about studying Italian, but you realize that, as it happens to many, understanding and joining in conversations makes you feel a bit uncomfortable.

Program and approach: what you will learn during your individual conversation course

  • The course is fully customizable according to your needs and your knowledge of Italian
  • The pace of learning will be adequate to your own pace, to the situations and topics that you have the greatest need to deepen (work, study, travel, life in Italy, etc.).
  • Your teacher will be a native Italian speaker, specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners and with a particular awareness towards the linguistic obstacles that you may encounter.

Reasons for improving Italian with an individual conversation course

  • Your personalized program will be coordinated with the teacher. Lessons will be organised to target your weakest language areas and the curricula will be designed to meet your learning needs and pace.
  • Thanks to your closer collaboration with the teacher, you can use your time to clarify your doubts and focus on your interests. Having a dedicated teacher will help you overcome fears that may arise from communicating in a foreign language.
  • You will be able to manage your available time in a flexible and targeted way, choosing from the schedule that we will make available to you the time you prefer.

When you can start the course

  • Since the course is individual, you can start at any time of the year, in accordance with the teacher and the schedule we will make available to you
  • Individual conversation courses are held Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Terms and Conditions


  • Fees Our courses do not require enrolment fees
  • When you can start Courses are held all year round
  • Levels The course is available for all levels, from A2 to C2
  • Duration Lessons last 50 minutes
  • Frequency According to the schedule you will define with the teacher. No more than 10 lessons per week
  • Extra Course duration: flexible, to suit your needs

Prices table

Lessons Cost
1 hour 35 Eur
10 hours 320 Eur
20 hours 590 Eur
40 hours 1100 Eur

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