Do you want to improve your Italian, but you are not able to follow a classroom course? With our Italian course on Skype, you can easily do lessons wherever you are with a graduate and qualified mother tongue teacher: all you need is a Skype account, a good connection, and a microphone. Easy, isn’t it?

Who the course is intended for:

  • Those who don’t want to give up on learning our beautiful language just because they don’t have the time or opportunity to attend classroom lessons.
  • Those who intend to move to Italy for study or work and want to learn a bit of Italian first
  • Those who have planned a trip to Italy and want to know the basics of the language to be able to better orient themselves
  • Those who want to learn simply for passion, because they love our country and its culture

Customized program

The program, coordinated with your teacher, is completely customized and tailored to your needs. You can opt for a “standard” course, where you will improve in the 4 fundamental skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing); for a “conversation” course, at the end of which you will learn to speak and interact with other people without being afraid to make mistakes; or for a “specialist” course, if you are interested in mastering the “technical” language of a particular field (business, fashion, design, art, etc.). Don’t worry, we can also create a combination of the three, just talk to your teacher about it!

Direct relationship with the teacher

On Skype you'll have a direct relationship with the teacher: you'll have as much time as you want to solve your doubts.


The Skype course is available for all levels (A1 to C2).


Compared to the classroom courses, you are less bound to the timetable because you decide when to follow the lessons: we will make available a schedule to you and you will arrange dates and times with the teacher.


We will constantly evaluate your progress through tests and exercises.


We will supply to you all the material prepared by the teacher that you will use during the lessons. At the end of each lesson, we will send you the homework for the next lesson.

Number of lessons

You can freely choose how many lessons you want to do: one, two, five or a hundred. Obviously, if you buy a package of 10, 20, or 40 hours, you will save quite a bit money.

How to register

To register just contact us.

How to pay

You can pay here on our website or by making a bank transfer.

Prices table

Lessons Cost
1 hour 32 Eur
10 hours 300 Eur
20 hours 590 Eur
40 hours 1110 Eur

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