Smartphone and tablet have now become objects that we cannot do without, and nowadays we have many applications available: to communicate with our friends, to play, and to choose the best hotel in town.

What if we were to tell you that you can use apps to start learning Italian in a simple and fun way?

We have tried many of them, and on this page, you will find the ones we think are the best. Are you ready? Here are the best apps to learn Italian!


Busuu is an excellent application to practice with Italian: it has a very rich content and has a wide range of exercises, for this reason we recommend it to those who have quite a bit of time to study and practice.

The Busuu lessons are divided into teaching units that differ according to the topics covered and can be followed at your choice: you can move from one topic to another, without following the actual order of lessons. The topics covered during the lessons (cooking, shopping for groceries, vacation, etc.) give a very ” practical ” cut to the application.

The learning approach is based on repeating sentences and words with the help of flashcards, and on listening to the pronunciation of the words.

The exercises are very short and focus on vocabulary, grammar, writing and listening: the particular aspect of Busuu is that you must total a minimum score in order to move on to the next exercise of the same unit.

In the “il mio vocabolario” section there is a list of the terms encountered during the lessons, and there is the option to perform tests on the topics covered.

The application shows you the progress you’ve made during the learning process.

The main strength of Busuu, however, is the interaction with other users: the app offers the opportunity to communicate with native speakers to get feedback on your level of preparation and for the correction of the exercises.

The app is free and available for IOS and Android. To unlock all functions, however, you need to sign up for a subscription that costs 2 Euros per week.


It’s an excellent application to start learning Italian, particularly suitable for those who want to improve their vocabulary knowledge (it includes a vocabulary of more than 3000 words).

You start by determining how much time you spend on your study each day, and then take a test to determine your starting level. The method consists in learning and memorizing 5 words or phrases at a time, thus learning the ‘practical’ basics of the language. You can also set up a custom learning program that allows you to focus only on the terms you need. Mosalingua also allows you to listen to the exact pronunciation of words and provides you with 37 recorded dialogues to practice oral comprehension. There are also short lessons to choose from, focusing on basic grammar rules. The app is available for Android, iOS, and PC: the basic version of the app is free, but it costs 4.99 euros if you want to switch to premium content.


It is perhaps the best application available to learn Italian, very fun and easy to use.

Before starting to use the application, the user can do a small assessment test to check their starting level, and then set his daily target (from 5 to 20 minutes).

After establishing your starting level, you can start with the lessons, which are divided into teaching units that focus on “practical” topics (animals, family, food, etc.), and simple notions of grammar. If you think you’re prepared on a particular topic don’t worry, you can skip it by taking a small assessment test.

The app works very intuitively, and the exercises are very easy to understand: they are about completing sentences, translating, writing what the “voice” says to practice listening, and also repeating it to practice pronunciation.

In the “parole” section, the app groups together all the words from your lessons, to help you memorize them. It’s a very complete tool that allows you to practice and improve yourself with grammar, comprehension, and pronunciation.

Duolingo is totally free and is available for IOS and Android.


It is one of the most used language applications in the world, with a simple layout, very easy to use.

Babbel courses are organized according to your starting level, so you can choose between beginner courses, intermediate courses, or advanced courses. You can also follow courses focused on specific topics, and also grammar courses.

After choosing the course that suits you, you can start following the lessons, during which you’ll have to memorize words with the help of pictures. The lessons also include the theoretical explanation of the topic covered.

The exercises are very intuitive: they involve making associations between words and images, reconstructing words, and completing dialogues (also available in audio version to improve comprehension).

The free version of Babbel includes only the first lesson. To follow the subsequent lessons, you need to subscribe. The app offers various options: monthly subscription for 9, 95 Euros, quarterly subscription for 19, 95 Euros, half-yearly subscription for 33.90 Euros and annual subscription for 59.40 Euros.

Babbel is available for iOS and Android.


Mondly is a very fun application to use to learn Italian and is recommended for students of all levels of preparation and is also especially useful to learn the verbal tenses. What makes this app special is the “playful” and “simple” approach that makes the user experience truly unique. The application lets you listen to high quality audio notes, to learn the correct pronunciation, and comes with voice recognition, to understand if you pronounced a word the right way. It also allows you to memorize many useful phrases for everyday life (even by choosing the topic) and to know the exact conjugation of a verb simply by “touching” it.

Another aspect that differentiates this app from others is the ability to “challenge” friends and strangers in fun language games.

The application is free for a trial period, at the end of which you have to pay 20 Euro to be able to use it.

Available for iOS and Android.

Imparare con NemoImparare con Nemo

This application is particularly suitable for those who want to improve their pronunciation. The app is totally focused on learning the most important words and phrases of the Italian language. At your disposal there are many audio recordings with the exact pronunciation of words and phrases, this will allow you to refine your accent. You can also record your voice as you say a sentence, and then listen to it again with a tutor.

Available for iOS and iPad.


Compared to the other applications we have presented to you, Bravolol Language Learning is very “basic”, but it can still be useful to learn phrases, vocabulary, and the exact pronunciation of words, especially in everyday situations (shopping for groceries, health, etc.).

This application does not include grammar lessons, so we do not recommend it if you want to focus on this area.

The application is not as simple and immediate as many others that we have introduced, and you can take advantage of premium content only by signing up for a subscription of 4.99 Euro.


Memrise is a very fun app and therefore more suitable for young people. Students of all levels can use it, from beginners to advanced.

Memrise looks like a video game where users have to hunt aliens while learning Italian.

The application will help you memorize a large number of words and phrases. Each lesson is followed by exercises composed of multiple-choice questions, and also by listening and comprehension exercises.

It’s particularly suitable for those who want to learn Italian in an alternative way and do not want to get bored during the small lessons that the app enables you to follow.

This app is available for iOS and Android.

If you already have a good level of knowledge of the language and you want to practice, you can download the Rai.Play app that will allow you to follow all the programs in palimpsest, live or deferred, wherever you want and whenever you want. In our opinion, this app is very useful if you want to immerse yourself completely in the sound of the Italian language. Try it out, maybe together with one of the other apps we’ve suggested!

Applications can be an important resource at your disposal to practice and have fun: we advise you to try them all, but always keeping in mind that they cannot replace a course taught by a native speaker!

Now all you have to do is start and have fun!