On the web you will find many videos that will help you learn our beautiful language: some will teach you the grammar rules, others will help you memorize words and phrases, others will introduce you to the culture of our beautiful country, and make you fall madly in love with Italy.

After a careful (and tiring) research, we have selected for you some video resources (YouTube channels and more) that we think can help you during your learning path: they will help you take your first steps if you start from scratch, and will make you improve if you already start from a good level of knowledge.

Here are our suggestions!

Youtube Channels

Learn italian with Lucrezia

This is one of the most popular and interesting Youtube channels for learning Italian. On this channel, you can watch many videos (about 370) over and over again, hosted by Lucrezia, a brilliant native speaker girl from Rome.

“Learn Italian with Lucrezia” is particularly suitable for “absolute beginners”: in her videos, Lucrezia is in fact very good at explaining the basics of the Italian language (such as the alphabet and the present tense of verbs), but we also recommend the channel to students with a more advanced level of preparation, who intend to learn topics a bit more challenging.

In many of her videos, Lucrezia focuses on specific and curious aspects of the Italian language, such as the pronunciation of double letters and the different meanings of certain words when used in different contexts.

It is definitely one of the best channels we have tried because it also offers the opportunity to practice listening, thanks to very funny formats such as Vlogs around the cities of Europe, and “Questions and Answers” with family members and other Italian native speakers.

Her videos are really useful and are very easy to understand, the channel is very well maintained (videos are added every week) and the content is very diverse, ranging from grammar to vlogs to curiosities. Lucrezia also runs a beautiful blog that we suggest you visit, with tips on how to learn Italian and more: you will also find advice on the best and most beautiful locations to visit, and on typical dishes of our country.

What are you waiting for? Try it!

Italy made easy

Italy Made Easy is an excellent channel, suitable for students of all levels, which provides many video-lessons and covers many topics (not only grammar, but also travel and culture), from the easiest, such as alphabet and pronunciation, to more complex topics, difficult to find on other channels.

Italy Made Easy is particularly suitable for those who have a good level of knowledge of the English language: the lessons are in English and this makes learning easier for those who already have a good knowledge of this language. Many videos are uploaded completely in Italian (don’t worry, there are subtitles to help you), which is very helpful, especially if you want to improve your comprehension.

The strong point of the channel is its “practical” cut: it will teach you many useful expressions and some important “distinctions”, such as, for example, the one between verbs in the present perfect form and the past tense, which can be difficult to understand if it isn’t explained well.

The channel is very well maintained, several videos are uploaded per week and there is also a website where you can find lessons, free and for a fee. It is a channel that we recommend both to those who start completely from scratch, and to those who simply want to improve their level of knowledge. Manu, the teacher, is really good and likeable!

Breaking Italy

Breaking Italy is an excellent channel for advanced level students who want to improve their understanding of the language and simultaneously learn about Italian current affairs, and more. The most important thing to underline is that, in this channel, you will not find grammar lessons, but commentaries in Italian on current events occurred here, and in the rest of the world.

Each video focuses on a specific Italian or global news story: it ranges from soft topics to more engaged and hot topics, such as Trump’s American policies, or the very relevant issue in Italy of the landings of migrants from Libya. The videos are very long compared to those of other channels (about 15 minutes), they are completely in Italian and without subtitles, which makes them “off limit” for students at low levels.

For all these reasons, Breaking Italy is a channel particularly suitable for advanced level students, who want to improve their oral comprehension of the language and, at the same time, stay up to date with the most important news.

Three videos on three different topics are uploaded each week. There are videos truly for every taste, so don’t worry, you will find something of interest to you!

Learn Italian with Pod 101

Another very interesting Youtube channel for those who want to learn Italian is Pod 101, which provides students with many videos that focus on various aspects of the Italian language and culture. You will find videos on grammar and vocabulary, but also on topics related to culture such as, for example, the New Year celebration and many curiosities about the history of the Italian language. This is a channel that we recommend especially to students who have recently started studying Italian, because it does not deal with particularly complex topics.

There are in particular two series of very interesting and useful videos, one on the 25 “basic” verbs, adjectives, and nouns that you absolutely have to know, and one, “Impara l’italiano in 3 minuti” which offers a series of simple but important phrases to keep in mind.

The strength of “Learn Italian with Pod 101” is the availability of many videos, which will allow you to practice and improve your oral comprehension.

If you are taking your first steps, or if you are a student at an intermediate-advanced level, who wants to improve his comprehension, this channel can be very useful to you.

On their website, you will also find materials to download free of charge.

Youtube Videos

Top 25 italian phrases

This video will teach you 25 phrases that will allow you to be able to introduce yourself, ask for information, and order dinner at the restaurant.

The video is hosted by a native speaker Italian girl who speaks very slowly, so you don’t miss anything of what is said, and repeats a phrase many times before moving on to the next one.

A very useful resource if you plan to visit Italy while traveling.


Netflix is the famous platform that allows you to watch movies, TV series and documentaries on your Smart TV, PC, or mobile device (Smartphone and Tablet).

With Netflix, you have the great opportunity to watch movies, TV series and documentaries in Italian with subtitles in your language (there are many to choose from). True, it’s not a channel that offers language lessons. Nevertheless, we consider it to be a very important resource because we are confident that it’s a great way to practice listening and pronunciation, in an engaging and fun way.

Obviously, if you start from scratch it’s better if you focus first on basic video lessons, such as those of Learn Italian with Lucrezia or Italy Made Easy, and start watching movies and TV series in Italian after reaching a good level of knowledge.

Netflix is free for the first month, after which you have to subscribe, starting from 7, 99 euros.

Now all you have to do is start!

If you want to learn Italian with mother tongue qualified teachers, take a look at our classroom and Skype courses!