Milan is a multifaceted city: international, rich in history, art and culture, a place of entertainment, a destination which attracts travellers looking for beauty and charm but also those who dream of a career in the most avant-garde fields. In fact, there are great opportunities in this town thanks to its fundamental role in many sectors including economics, design, the arts and fashion.

At the same time, however, it is not an easy place to fit in to, even more so when you speak another language.

This is why we decided to create the new Italian Language school, Milano for Foreigners: with our courses, consulting services and paths focused on the world of work we aim to guide our students into the world of Italian language, along unique and made-to-measure paths.

The founders of Milano for Foreigners, Sara and Michele, have created an activity with the aim of becoming a point of reference for foreign citizens living in Milan for study or work reasons.

We work to achieve specific objectives, to comprehensively teach and explain the beauty of the Italian language and to help students find the right way around the university and professional worlds of our country.

Each course we offer is unique and tailored to the needs and features of those who request it: we believe that there is not one single solution for all and this is why our Italian courses and our consulting services are structured in order to achieve concrete objectives, identified according to the student’s needs.

Why study with us

The courses and consulting services of Milano for Foreigners are right for you if you are looking for highly personalised courses, designed according to your needs and structured towards your study or work objectives.

If you are looking for qualified and passionate teachers, who do not stop at basic knowledge but know how to examine specialised contents in depth.  If, in addition to the Italian language, you would like to discover the wonders of Milan, of Italy and of its ancient culture.

If you want to find your way around the world of work here in Italy and you need a knowledgeable guide who can help you not to get lost and to reach your goals.

The course you choose will be tailored according to your needs: you can study with us either in the classroom – alone with the teacher or in a small group with other students – or remotely, via Skype, if you do not live in Milan but you are passionate about the idea of learning Italian and finding out more of Italy’s culture, or if you need to get ready for a new study or work adventure here.

Studying Italian with us means delving into a relaxed atmosphere full of fun, but oriented towards results and achieving goals. We put our expertise and our passion at your disposal.

Our method

We are confident that the only method that allows you to learn a foreign language well is practice: ours is a direct method that aims to help our students acquire communicative competence, namely, the ability to express themselves correctly in Italian. For this reason, we will begin to speak Italian from the first lesson to “break the ice” and to allow students to familiarize themselves as much as possible with the language, stimulating and encouraging them to use it in their daily lives outside of school.

Knowing the rules of grammar is undoubtedly very important, but during our lessons we prefer to focus more on developing and improving verbal communication.

In the lessons, the most important aspects of the Italian culture will be constantly deepened: knowing them will make learning our beautiful language much easier and engaging.

In the classroom, we will use both textbooks and teaching materials prepared by our teachers, and students will also be involved in “alternative” activities such as watching videos, role-playing games, and group work, to make the learning experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

With us, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself completely in the language and culture, learning to speak and live just like an Italian!

Our history

Milano for Foreigners was launched in the summer of 2017.

After thinking about it a lot, we plucked up our courage, left our respective jobs and got stuck into this adventure, with all our energy.

Sara had the initial idea; after working for a long time as a tour guide and an Italian teacher, she decided to start her own business as a teacher: her dream is to provide students with an innovative, personalised teaching experience able to really satisfy all their goals. Then it was Michele’s turn to be a part of the project, looking after the section devoted to the business and job orientation aspects.

Our strength lies precisely in this union, in the transversal skills on which the projects and paths we offer are based: Italian language, art and culture, economy and business, the world of work. Our experience in these fields allows us to ensure professionalism together with focused and highly specialised courses.





Hello, I am Sara. I was born and grew up in Milan and… I love my city! I love its beauty, its history, the fact that it always has something to show to those who decide to discover it: I like to chat (a lot!) and make the wonders of the place where I live known.

I am passionate about art, since I was a kid in fact, and I attended art school, then graduated in Cultural Heritage Sciences and I also became a licensed Tourist Guide.

After studying, I worked for three years at the famous Museo del Duomo in Monza and as a teacher in an Italian school for foreigners and now we get to my greatest passion: the Italian language, which led me to take the DITALS certification (teaching Italian to foreigners) and to set up Milano for Foreigners with Michele.

My work as a teacher is based on listening, expertise and harmony: if we study together, we will become a team… so, are you ready to start?





I’m Michele, born and raised in Milan, just like Sara.

I attended the Liceo Scientifico (secondary school for scientific studies), I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and then a Master’s Degree in HR Management.

If Sara is the “humanistic” soul of Milan for Foreigners, I am the “business” one: I have always had a great passion for economics and marketing, a passion that led me to attending a Master of Business Administration and several courses in web marketing.

But life isn’t just about study: I worked for a Head Hunting company and for the Confartigianato (labour organisation of the craft sector) of Lombardia, where I perfected my knowledge in the fields of work and marketing.

Ah, I love football! The sport that most represents Italy.

If we work together, I will be your guide for your professional, economical, marketing goals and in the world of work. Shall we start?